World Society for Simulation Surgery

About WSSS

Simulation surgery started with a reconstructive concept in the mind of the plastic surgeon to simulate, with the skill of their hands and surgical instruments, tissue which appears normal in both structure and function.

Board of Directors


Howard Levinson, MD (USA)

Matthew Hanasano, MD (USA)

Akira Yamada, MD (USA)
Secretary General

Arun Gosain, MD (USA)
Immediate Past President

Members of the Board

Jong-Woo Choi, MD (South Korea)

Gaby Doumit, MD (Canada)

Tomohisa Nagasao, MD (Japan)

John VanAalst, MD (USA)

Honorary Officers and Members

R Glen Calderhead, MD (UK)

Toyomi Fujino, MD (USA)

Keisuke Imai, MD (Japan)

Yong Oock Kim, MD (South Korea)

J Thomas Lambrecht, MD (Switzerland)

Lun-Jou Lo, MD (Taiwan)

Charan Mahatumarat, MD (Thailand)

Jeffrey Marsh, MD (USA)