The 10th World Society for Simulation Surgery, 2018


  1. Simulated Surgery with 3D Image Software VS with 3D Printer Solid Model
  2. Simulation blended with Biotechnology
  3. Simulated surgery supported by Manufacturers: Manufacturer’s session
  4. 3D-Printing in Simulated Surgery
  5. Surgical Simulation and Education
  6. Image processing and Virtial reality
  7. Surgical Simulation in Operating Theater
  8. Decision and Action support in surgical management
  9. Surgical simulation and Remote Medical System: Online
  10. Surgical navigation and robotics
  11. Computer Assisted Implantation
  12. Others

Invited Lecture

Tomohisa Nagasao, M.D., PhD,
Professor, Department Plastic and Reconsructive Surgery
Kagawa University School of Medicine, Kagawa, JAPAN


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