World Society for Simulation Surgery
Wolrd Society for Simulation Surgery


11th Congress, WSSS in PSTM2020,
San Francisco, USA, 19 October 2020



WELCOME, DEAR READERS , to the new home page of the World Society for Simulation Surgery, WSSS! It is my great honour and pleasure, as Founding and Honorary President of the WSSS, to have been asked to greet you, and welcome you all to the redesigned WSSS Home Page.

Mission statement

Simulation surgery started with a reconstructive concept in the mind of the plastic surgeon to simulate, with the skill of their hands and surgical instruments, tissue which appears normal in both structure and function. The visualization aspect was taken over by computers, and has been extended in several key fields: the creation of both 3-dimensional operable models in reality and virtual reality for both practice and education; the ability to sculpt perfect prostheses for implantation and replacement; and the development of both robotic and telesurgery. The practice of the art remains however in the hands of the surgeon.

The World Society for Simulation Surgery (WSSS) has the following aims:

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